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At its most elemental, a multi light pendant is a suspended electrical fixture, but when crafted by a master of the form, it’s an illuminated sculpture that hovers languorously, transforming your décor via form and reflection. A decorative focal point tempered by function, the multi light pendant is no mere ornament. Rather, it’s a kind of jewelry that can make almost any residential or commercial interior truly shine.

At home, a multi light pendant can welcome guests in an entryway, create ambiance at the dining table or add an element of surprise to the bedroom. In commercial venues, including offices, restaurants or showrooms, it makes a vibrant visual statement while providing essential illumination. Anywhere you hang a pendant light, you’re sure to get oohs and aahs.

For exclusive suspended luminaires with a European edge, consider Access multi light pendants. Fusing quality craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, Access multi light pendants offer distinct advantages over other hard-wired or portable lighting fixtures. You can suspend multi light pendants from high or sloped ceilings-locations that would be awkward for flush- or semi-flush-mount fixtures. And since multi light pendants don’t occupy table or floor surfaces, they’re space-savers that subtly sway with equal ease over a kitchen counter, dining room table or bed.

Access multi light pendants embrace a diverse array of materials, including crystal, clear, opalescent, amber, smoke and hand-crafted glass, along with rich finishes like Brushed Steel, Bronze, Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Choose from myriad shapes, ranging from spheres and bowls to cylinders and drums. In addition, Access multi light pendants are available with convenient and forward-thinking types of lamping including energy efficient. Some of Access Lighting’s best-selling multi light pendants include:

Electric Dreams: A juxtaposition of early industrial-style lamping and fluid curves, the Flux vintage-lamped pendant is equally at home with traditional, transitional and contemporary décor. This three-light suspension fixtures is offered with your choice of amber, clear or smoke glass complemented by Antique Nickel or Dark Bronze finishes that lend character and warmth to kitchens, dens and other spaces. Flux arrives furnished with a variety of rods and a 10-foot cord, offering plenty of length for field adjustment. Additional options include a slope adapter and rods up to 10 feet.

Full Metal Jacket: The SoHo three-light pendant was designed with posh, polished and sophisticated spaces in mind. Its sleek silhouette is finished in Brushed Steel or Glossy White, uniting pure functionality with the subtle luxury of form. Field-adjustable for dry locations, The SoHo pendant is equally perfect for the informal conference room and the well-equipped kitchen.

Flash Dance: Oh, what a feeling! You (and your décor) can’t help but bask in the reflected glory of the Kristal ball pendant. A sophisticated sphere composed of gem-shaped glass crystals and gleaming chrome, Kristal presents the ultimate union of glitz, glamour and grandeur. This three-light luminaire is equipped with halogen lamping, bringing new enchantment to energy efficiency.

Access multi-light pendants represent an astonishing array of lighting solutions, from the urbane allure of Flux and SoHo to the cool charisma of Kristal. Check out the collection and discover unlimited ways to brighten your home or office can with Access multi-light pendants.